Presentation Slides from our 2017 Summit

  1. All In For Impact...From doing good things To being accountable for outcomes - Keynote Speaker Slides from Tyler Norris
  2. Livable Community Breakout Session by Joy Paeth
  3. Maternal & Child Health Breakout Session by Cynthia Price
  4. Maternal & Child Health Breakout Session by Pamela Xaverius
  5. YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program Breakout Session by Joyce Hoth
  6. Southwestern Illinois HIV Connect Breakout Session by Tina Markovich
  7. Summary Points for All Breakout Sessions


Referenced Articles & Handouts from our 2017 Summit

  1. St. Clair County Health Care Commission-A 25 Year History
  2. Collective Impact
  3. Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work
  4. Collective Impact 3.0: An Evolving Framework for Community Change
  5. Collaborating for Equity and Justice
  6. YMCA Pioneering Healthier Communities Infographic